Next Top Model or Senior Spokesmodel?

Today is the day y'all! Can you tell how excited I am???? Maybe I've just had too much coffee...hmmmm. Nope! I'm just really really excited about kicking off my 2019-2020 Senior Spokesmodel Team applications!!!!

So now that you know how excited I am I bet you're really wondering what a Senior Spokesmodel is right?

Yeah, I thought so.

So, a Senior Spokesmodel team is a group of local high school seniors who are chosen based on their community involvement, school activities, personality, and their excitement about their senior year, and who are willing to frequently share about my business on their social media accounts, to be the face of TinaLynn Photography Seniors during their senior year.

There are some requirements that come with being chosen a TLP Senior Spokesmodel tho. Spokesmodels do have to purchase their senior session from me by choosing one of my 3 Senior Collections (this is the ONLY financial fee ever associated with being a TLP Senior Spokesmodel!). Spokesmodels will also participate in a Meet & Greet, a Mini Session day, a Styled Shoot, as well as, frequently post about my business on their social media. There will also be cash incentives for referrals!

Now that I've talked about some of the things that are required I bet you're wondering what all a Senior Spokesmodel gets out of this right? Well, trust me, that list is so much longer!

There will be fun, meeting new friends and making memories! As well as having their own personal senior session, spokesmodels will get to participate in a themed Mini Session and a fully themed Styled Shoot. They'll be the first choices as models for any type of special shoot I do any other time during their senior year. Also, if we have snow this year we WILL BE DOING A SNOW DAY SHOOT!!!! Spokesmodels will also be the first to know about any kind of destination shoot that might come up. Seriously, I am dying to shoot at a waterfall!

On top of all of that spokesmodels will be given the promotional items that will get them noticed as a TLP Senior Spokesmodel! (Goodies, yes there will be goodies!)

There is really so much more to it and I don't want to give it all away here!

This is such an exciting time and I honestly cannot wait to meet all of you and to watch you blossom!

So, are you ready to apply? YEAH? Then, click the link below!



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