I'm entering a local art contest!

Well, I did it. I finally chose what I'm going to enter. Ok, backup, for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about.

I'm notorious for missing out on local events because, well, life. I'm trying to get better about that so I've started just checking out the local events on Facebook. I even downloaded the Facebook Local app.

I was browsing around last Sunday and saw that our local Regional Arts Council is holding a judged art contest in July so I stopped by and entered. I had a whole month to decide what to enter and I even put some choices in a post to get people to help me choose. These were my choices:

I absolutely love all of them for different reasons. The road is a locally famous road call Stagecoach Road. It has a long long history but now it's just famous for supposedly being haunted. The only thing I've ever felt out there is fear of not finding a place to turn around. I even got out of my Jeep to take that picture and no get-ya thing got me so I think it's pretty safe.

The black and white field was taken one very foggy morning. I dropped my daughter off at school, ran back to the house, grabbed my camera bag and drove all over town chasing the fog. I had intended to use the fog pictures in some composite images with my daughter but we just haven't gotten around to that yet. This picture happened tho and I'm intending to enter it in a multi-state competition soon.

The cow is from our neighbor's little herd that we get to see every morning and the horse is our friend. His name is Gunner. He belongs to our daughter's past Sunday School teacher. She has been so sweet and has poured her love of horses and riding into our daughter so one day I took this picture, printed it huge, had it matted and gave it to her. Her husband surprised her recently and had it framed in a rustic barn wood frame. It's now hanging in their living room and it looks amazing!

Believe it or not, the cow won the popular vote so she'll be sent off to my printer this week and will be back soon printed on a large canvas and displayed on July 25th at the Judged Art Show and Competition hosted by the Marshall Regional Arts Council at the Marshall Visual Art Center.

You should definitely come see!

Now I just have to decide what to do with the 6x6 canvas that all the artists are required to decorate for the silent auction....

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