Hair Trends 2019

Many of you know that in addition to being a photographer I'm also a stylist. I get asked almost weekly what's in style for hair this year so I'm constantly browsing Pinterest and various Facebook pages keeping up with the trends.

The main thing I see is waves and texture. I always try to coach my clients to work with their own natural texture and not fight against it.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with the textured bob that has become so popular.

This cut works really well on many hair types and looks great with balayage highlights.

Some stylists use razors and some use shears for this cut. If you know your hair does not do well with a razor cut be sure to talk to your stylist about how to get this look without using a razor.

This is a great cut for busy moms! It really doesn't take much effort to make your hair look great with this cut and it can be worn straight or wavy.

Love the look but think you want it shorter? No problem! This cut works great shorter AND longer!

Soft lived in color is another trend that is very popular this year. Color that frames the face and mimics the look of natural sun kissed highlights is always a winner!

For those of you who like to have lighter color creating a little bit of a shadow at the root gives your blonde more depth and dimension. Creating that softness at the roots can also help extend the time between your appointments.

Naturally curly hair is one of my very favorite things in the world! If I could get a guarantee that my hair would curl EXACTLY like this I would get a perm tomorrow but you just can't get these kind of curls out of a box and I really hate perms so I'll just have to moon over her hair each time she comes in for her color! If you have naturally curly hair please do yourself a favor and learn how to work with it. Stop fighting it!

A stacked bob works great with curly hair! Curls need those layers to really get some body going. A straight cut works best with curly hair. No thinning, no texturizing, no point cutting and absolutely NO RAZORS!

One of my favorite things is when someone over 50 asks me if long hair is ok or is she too old for it? If you want long hair go for it! Long hair is gorgeous.

Age is just a number and the days of hitting 50, cutting your hair off, getting a perm and starting to go the beauty shop for a shampoo and set each week are gone. I still have women who come in weekly but it's because their styles last longer when I do it than when they do it at home but not one of them has a perm and not one of them has a "fixed" style.

Women are doing what they want to do with their hair styles and that's exactly what you should do! You do you, it's your hair!

P.S. All of these pictures are my clients and friends. I did all the colors and cuts in these pictures and I took all of these pictures. I didn't style the blonde in the white top, she's also a stylist and this was after she had styled it for her baby shower.

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