A Quick Catch Up

Hi everyone! I know, I know, I know! It's been awhile and you might be curious why and what in the world is going on here.

Well, sit back, grab a cup of tea and let's visit for a minute. I want to be real with everyone and share what's on my heart for this space and this community I'd like to build here.

The last year and a half has been crazy for us around here and we made some huge changes and honestly we're still making changes. It's a constant thing, finding out what works in your life because no two days are the same and that's ok!

The biggest change came this fall when we decided to homeschool our daughter. Nothing happened at her school, her kindergarten teacher last year was honestly a gift from God for this mama's heart and we still adore her! We did a lot of talking and a lot of praying and just decided that for our family and our girl this was the way we needed to go and she loves it and so do I!

It's hard y'all. I'm not going to even try to gloss it over. It's hard. We get aggravated at each other and have to take a few minutes. There are days when I have to use my "teacher voice" and make her do her work and there are days I have to constantly remind myself that she's only 6 and to not push so hard but all in all we're figuring it out and we're learning what works for us.

What she's learning is so different than what I remember about 1st grade. I could barely read I think and here she is classifying sentences and knows how to find the preposition! My mind is blown daily. We're learning the fine balance between a more relaxed learning atmosphere and a strict schedule. She really does better with a schedule (don't we all?) but she hates having one and I totally get that. We're doing good tho and I'm so glad we made this choice.

That brings us back to what in the world is going on here with photography and here is where we're going to have some deep talks.

Ya'll know how much I love photography and ya'll know how much I love to MAKE ALL THE THINGS. I'm a creative, I can't help it! It's the gift God has given me and I'm happiest when I'm creating something, whether that's memories for you and your family to pass down for generations, knitting and crocheting for newborn sessions, for my family or even something to sell. Creating is my happy place.

The last year or so trying to do photography in the way I was doing it was really really hard. I was pushing to build a business in a way that, honestly, wasn't how God wanted me to do it. I knew it but I wanted to do it my way, I was so hardheaded and I was unhappy. I had to fall on my face and ask God to just show me what it was He wanted me to do. It all came down to family. To my family. To my home. Because that is who and what comes first. God showed me that those dreams and desires I have for photography were put there for a reason and that there will be plenty of time for those to come to pass but for RIGHT NOW, scaling back on that push and focusing on home and family are what is important. Not just for me, I think that applies to most of us. We get sooooo busy with the HUSTLE that we're constantly being told we have to be doing that we are losing sight of what is really important.

So, previously a session with me included an in-person consultation, the session, retouching the images and then trying to have an in-person viewing and ordering session with each collection coming with lots of amazing product, then came the curating of those products (ordering the prints, building the albums, having clients approve the albums before print...lots of steps) and a large price tag. All of that is really great, especially the in-person viewing because I LOVE watching people's faces when they see their images for the first time. It's such a touching experience to be able to show people what I see, what the people who love them see when they look at them.

But what I've learned is that adding all of those things to my busy life and to my clients busy lives is extremely difficult on all of us! So now a session with me includes up to 2 hours of shooting and an online viewing and ordering website if you'd like to order enlargements and where you'll be able to download the images from your session. Your online catalog will include 20-30 images. The session is a flat fee of $350 (a MUCH small price tag and one I feel completely at peace about). All planning will be done through email. All ordering and choosing your products, if you choose to go that route, can be done from your couch. In your pajamas if you want, no one will ever know! I KNOW this will help everyone out so much!

For newborns instead of having clients come to me, I'll be coming to YOU! I really feel like this will be the best thing for the baby and for Mama and to be honest, it's my very favorite type of newborn session. I LOVE seeing baby and family in their home. It feels me with all the warm fuzzies.

The best time to do newborns is anywhere from 4-14 days but so often Mama isn't ready to leave the house with that precious one just yet so me coming to you will be so much easier on you and that's what I want.

I set out on this photography journey to capture memories and I want to get back to that. I want to see you in YOUR happy place with your favorite people.

I do have some new adventures coming up this year too.

A couple of years ago God placed an idea for a photo essay book on my heart and I feel like it's time to start working on it. Very soon. My vision for it is to document a part of our heritage here in the rural south that we are quickly losing. Once it's all done I'm hoping to hold a showing as the book launch. I have NO idea how long it will take to put it all together but I'm really excited about it.

I'll be back to creating things too! I learned how to knit so that I would have those really pretty bonnets for newborn sessions and since I've also learned how to crochet I'm loving learning how to do more.

My friend, Beth, and I have decided to start doing some artist markets where we'll be selling our fiber creations and I'll also be selling some of my landscape and animal prints mounted on wood and hand framed by me. Be watching out for us and follow me on social media so you know where we are. (I also have items in stock and on sale in the salon here in town.) Our first show will be the Longview ArtWalk in April. {The pink and purple bonnets were crocheted by Beth and the others were knitted by me.}

I'm really excited about the way this is all growing and I really hope you'll all be patient with me while I do some changing around on social media. Don't be alarmed if you see pages change names or merge into one. I'm not sure how all of that is going to work but just be patient.

Things may start looking different here as I get things how I want them and how it will be easier for me to do. I have a tutorial for my next post about product photography and we'll talk about what works best and the easiest way to do things.

My best form of advertising is YOU so please spread the word about me!

Thanks for hanging around and supporting me in all my crazy creative ideas! Love you all BIG!!!


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